We will help you accelerate your RPA adoption


Identify the right Platform

At Invenics, we believe that one of the keys to properly implementing RPA is selecting the right processes to automate. A successful implementation depends on selecting the right tool. We know that many businesses require a high degree of flexibility in their daily IT operations, so it is important to have an RPA system that works regardless of the computing platform.

In terms of RPA implementation, the chosen platform should support three types of robots: attended, unattended, or hybrid. Hybrid robots are necessary in cases where human intervention is required to handle an exception or make a decision so that the process can continue without human involvement.

Finally, the key to success is that the tool should not be overly complex and should easily fit into the organisation's current work process.


 Implementation Strategy 

Implementing RPA in your organisation requires the right combination of people, processes, and technology, guided by a high-level automation strategy.

At Invenics, we believe in a well-prepared approach that helps realise the full benefits of RPA. Our team has a clear RPA strategy and creates a proper business plan, which is a cornerstone of a successful RPA program.

Solution Architecture

We have senior solution architects to facilitate the following:

  • Set up the end-to-end infrastructure for the development, test, and production environment
  • Assist business analyst with feasibility assessment, time, and cost estimates
  • Overall Solution Design including component design with individual component interface specifications
  • Develop support, monitoring and control plan for the solution

Create A Roadmap

Now that the RPA team has worked with your organisation to select the right processes for automation implementation, the focus is on building the automation process.

The holistic roadmap for RPA implementation begins with the discovery phase. We organise cross-functional project teams and other resources to create the pilot process that aligns with our clients' business goals. We understand that each organisation has unique needs and provide customised solutions to implement the RPA process in their organisation.