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Robot as a Service

Do your employees spend time collecting, sorting, and entering data into systems? Is this repeated month after month? Does it get hectic some months? Do you have staff to accommodate to heavy loads or absence of the usual person handling the tasks? Are there errors and tasks that need to be reworked in a short period of time?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then your business needs RPA. If you want to introduce automation to increase efficiency but are not willing to invest in licenses, development or maintenance, then our Rent-a-Bot could be the solution. We provide our bots to run your processes and you pay as you use them. Sounds interesting? Please contact us to learn more.


Benefits of using our botValets are:

  • Output based pricing i.e., you pay based on successful transactions
  • No licensing costs
  • No development or maintenance costs
  • A team of experts validates the data to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Advanced AI tools are used wherever they increase efficiency
  • Very cost effective
  • High productivity
  • Easy to scale up and scale down
  • Non-intrusive, fits well with your current business process
  • No employee cost unlike traditional BPO
  • Bots are 24*7*365 days, no holidays, no sick leave, no time zone and geographical boundaries, no barriers