Robotic Process Automation

We systematically cover all phases of the automation lifecycle - Discovery, Solution Design, Implementation and Testing. We design the automation solution to ensure non-intrusive, reliable and faster implementation.

With our deep IT expertise, we provide a holistic solution that leverages current infrastructure and available APIs to maximise ROI and better alignment with existing platforms.


Intelligent Automation

We enable businesses to automate processes that involve unstructured content. By leveraging AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Automation, projects can lead to better decision making, reduce costs and increase capacity.

Automate complex document-based workflows that involve the interpretation of unstructured content.

Test Automation

We specialise in test automation with RPA tools that offers unique benefits:

  • 2X faster implementation than script-based automation
  • Ability to test all types of software applications - web, mobile, desktop and legacy
  • Ability to quickly develop test cases for mobile devices
  • Better mechanism to simulate human interaction with software
  • Test cases can be executed across systems, including databases, to enable both black-box and white-box testing
  • Test automation suite can be integrated into the DevOps pipeline to work seamlessly in a CI/CD environment

Business Process Management/Rent A Bot:

  • Issue based pricing i.e., you pay based on successful transactions.
  • No cost for licensing
  • A team of experts validating data to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Use of advanced AI tools wherever possible to increase efficiency
  • Very cost effective
  • High productivity
  • Easy to scale up and scale down
  • Non-intrusive, adapts well to your current business process

Business Intelligence

  • MIS Reports
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Landscape Assessment
  • Industry Assessments

Market Research

  • Collate data from a variety of sources and produce reports in specified formats
  • Gather and interpret data from relevant websites
  • Collect and process historical data for business insights
  • Social media campaigns